ITS Bar Skills with RSA Course - $295

For over 7 years the Registered Training Organisation, ITS Bar Skills, has been providing the necessary skills required for people to get working in the Hospitality industry in Queensland.

Our most popular bar course is the 3 day/night Bar Skills training course which provides practical skills required to work in avenues of hospitality such as Bar, Restaurant, Café and Clubs. Students gain initial practical knowledge and then have the confidence to approach employers in their chosen field. Many students have passed through this course and are now enjoying working in hospitality.

ITS also conducts RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) or RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) courses only, if required, either to individuals or a group. RMLV (Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue) is also offered on a regular basis.

ITS Bar Skills makes it easy for you to train by conducting our courses in live venues around the state and offering payment plans so you can train now as opposed to later.

RSA Courses also now running in Melbourne!