Featured Venue: The Iconic Belvedere Hotel Woody Point

As facilitators of RSA, RMLV and Bar Skills training across QLD we have the pleasure of conducting practical hands-on training courses at a number of iconic clubs, pubs, restaurants and hotels in various locations across the sunshine state. Many of these venues have a long, very interesting, colourful and sometimes spooky or mysterious history.

One such venue is the Famous Belvedere Hotel in Woody Point. Our staff and students absolutely love training in the well equipped bar and restaurant areas of the venue affectionately known by locals as ‘The Bel.’ Many a budding hospitality worker has walked into that venue for bar skills training feeling the unknown, and walked out with confidence, ready to begin their hospitality career. The Belvedere Management and staff are always welcoming, accommodating and a joy to work with. (And that view!).

Recently the Belvedere underwent a $2 million refurbishment of their Hotel bars, kitchen and restaurant areas. Today we’d like to celebrate the Belvedere and offer a little history and nostalgia on its beginnings.

Many may not realise that today’s ultra modern and sprawling building that boasts some of the best sunset and water views in the country, has had a long lifespan dating back 139 years. This year the historic Belvedere Hotel clocks 118 years.

A snapshot of Woody Point back in those days

  • 1901 was the year the Commonwealth of Australia was first proclaimed
  • In 1911 Woody Point had a population of 236 people – compared to 4,418 in the 2016 census.
  • The post office directory of 1901 recorded the Great Western Hotel (1883), three boarding houses, a school, a butcher and a store at Woody Point
  • By 1925 there was also the Belvedere and Woody point Hotels, a land agent, a Church of England and a few farmers and fruitgrowers
Corner Oxley Avenue and Lilla St Circa 1930
Corner Oxley Avenue and Lilla St Circa 1930

The Belvedere Hotel Story Began in The 1890’s

Originally built in the 1890’s for Mrs Jamieson, the building was used as a boarding house – presumably one of three in the area recorded in the 1901 Post Office Directory.

In 1901 Thomas and Mary Snook then purchased 54 acres of prime waterfront real estate including the Boarding House building for 38 pounds and 10 shillings. They converted the building into a Pub and Hotel, naming it The Belvedere Hotel. The history of what became of Mr and Mrs Snook is somewhat elusive, however there is a mysterious legend that Thomas still haunts the upstairs rooms of the Hotel today.

In 1925 Jeff.J Landy purchased the Bel and held it for ten years before selling on to Mrs S.C Hook.

Jeffs' Belvedere Hotel
Hook's Belvedere Hotel
Jeffs' Belvedere Hotel
Hook's Belvedere Hotel

In 1940 The then 50 year old building was updated with a modern structure of the Art Deco Style, some original characteristics of which can be seen on the building today.

hospitality hours and time off
By 1966 Castlemaine Perkins acquired the Hotel

1992: The Hotel was owned by Allan Scott who hired Wes Wright to manage the venue. By 1998 Mr Wright bought the license.

It was then sold to current owners the Drinx Group in 2003.

Since the Drinx Group acquisition the Hotel has regularly undergone many changes including the previously named Steak and Crabhouse Restaurant, now known simply as the Belvedere.

The Belvedere Hotel Today

Today the impressive construction is spread across three venues on the Woody Point waterfront with those famous views and generous sprawling deck space.

Each space offers an alternative atmosphere to suit your occasion:

  • Pub for casual drinks and all your sporting kicks
  • A cafe for a more upmarket cosmopolitan experience
  • Restaurant and bar to suit a variety of tastes from wood fired pizzas to fresh seafood and generous upmarket pub grub at a reasonable price.
The Belvedere Hotel 2019


The venue holds Weds trivia nights, regular calendar events throughout the year, as well as a Gaming Lounge, TAB and main sports bar.


Perfect for small casual events or breathtaking weddings of up to 550 guests. The Bel features a dedicated first floor function room with private balcony and private bar – or your event can be accommodated on the huge decks.

Kids Area:

Families love the closed in children’s play area and arcade room.

They can get busy on the chalk wall, or show off their skills with an activity pack, it’s also a dog friendly venue, so the whole family can join in the fun!

Join us for Bar Skills Training at the Bel!

Of their 115 Birthday Bash to celebrate the major refurbishment, Marketing Entertainment and Events Manager Lisa Casablanca said “There is nowhere else you can go to see the sunset over the ocean on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, whilst kicking back with a drink in your hand on one of our five front decks or terraces.”

“Visitors will not recognise it when they walk in – it has undergone a total transformation.”

A statement that leaves us to wonder, just how many times that has been said over the last 118 years.

Thank you Belvedere, we look forward to our next training session and wish you a wonderful Century to come, and that your inspiring history travels with you into the future.

Belvedere Hotel dining area

SLQ/John Prpic
The Belvedere Hotel
Picture Queensland State Library of QLD