Liquor Licensing Services

Would you like to take the stress out of liquor license applications and changes?

ITS makes the process of preparing and submitting your liquor license application simple.

Whether you’re wanting to serve alcohol from a venue or for an event, ITS can provide the required assistance to prepare the required impact statements, risk assessment and licensing applications.

Save time and improve the quality of your application with ITS. Contact us today for a free quote on your required assistance.

New Liquor License Applications

Obtaining a liquor license for your business or club? Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, motel, craft beer producer, function centre, or other venue, ITS can prepare your application to help obtain the right approvals for your business.

Transfer of & Changes to Liquor Licenses

Need to transfer an existing license? Or request changes to liquor trading hours, licensed areas or other conditions in your current licensing? With up to date knowledge of the latest legislation, ITS can help manage changes to your licensing effectively and improve your chances of requests being favourably assessed.

CIS & RAMP Preparation

Your liquor license application may require a Community Impact Statement (CIS) or Risk Assessed Management Plan (RAMP). Where required, ITS can prepare the documentation and manage the process. This makes fulfilling the requirements of a successful application simpler and timelier for your business.

Events, Festivals & Markets Licensing

Liquor licensing for sporting events, festivals and the like, requires careful preparation. ITS can help ensure the appropriate risk management analysis and planning is completed for your application.
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Staff training and OLGR compliance

As an accredited RMLV training provider, once you’ve got your license, we can also assist with staff training in RMLV & RSA to assist with management of your compliance requirements.
“I couldn’t recommend ITS Bar Skills enough! An otherwise extremely daunting and stressful process was made SO SIMPLE! I didn’t have to do a thing! Damien handled everything from start to finish, and got my Liquor licence application through in a timely matter without any hiccups! I am absolutely thrilled & so very thankful.”

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Want Simpler Liquor Licensing?

If you’re keen to simplify your liquor licensing process, contact ITS today. Upon receiving your details, we’ll contact you to find out a little more about your requirements and provide a quote.

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