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What Liquor Licensing Signs Does My Venue Need

What Liquor Licensing compliance signs do I need in my Licensed venue? When we’re out and about conducting the RMLV course for Liquor Licensee and Approved Managers around the state, we’re often asked about the OLGR signage requirements for licensed premises. Venue...

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RMLV Training FAQs

  RMLV Courses With ITS RMLV courses, run through ITS, have enabled thousands of approved managers and licensees complete their certification. We love the opportunity to deliver this course to those who are taking on a liquor licence for the first time or people who...

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Hospitality Employment Tips

Are you looking for work in hospitality? If you’re looking to get a new job in hospitality, now is a good time to be looking. As Spring is now here, this is when employers really start to assess their staffing levels, realising they will need to put more people for...

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QLD Venues Start ID Scanning

After months of talk and lead up its finally here – mandatory ID scanners in the 15 Safe Night Precincts (SNP’s) of Queensland. You might recall this was the trade off by the state government to not proceed with the 1am lockout. How ID Scanning At Licensed...

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OLGR Highlights Approved Manager Compliance

Are you up to date with your approved manager requirements? In their May 2017 update, OLGR has reminded venues of their Approved Manager responsibilities. Of concern to OLGR, is that some licensees have been identified as failing to have approved managers present or...

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RMLV training and why it is important

RMLV Training RMLV training is how safety and compliance for licensed venues is administered in Queensland. Therefore, if you are an approved manager, licensee or nominee, you would likely have already completed training in an accredited RMLV course. The Importance of...

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Keeping RSA up to date

Now that RSA does not need to be renewed every three years, it has certainly made life that little bit easier for those working in the industry. However, it does raise the question of how you can be sure your Responsible Service of Alcohol knowledge is up to date. As...

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Liquor Act Amendment Bill 2015 – Key Points

A number of changes have been to the Liquor Act 2002 via the introduction of the Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Legislation Bill 2015. Although these can be seen in detail on OLGR's website some of the most significant elements that have been introduced, or will be...

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Tips To Finding Hospitality Jobs

We've all at some time come up against the brick wall which prevents us from getting that job we want, all because we don't have the experience. But... How do you get the job if you don't have the experience? And... How do you get the experience if you are not in a...

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